Monday, January 26, 2015

Autograph request through the mail received: C.C. Sabathia

This was a forgotten request sent years ago and received today - Sabathia's had a long, fruitful MLB career and after dealing with injuries along with mediocre results, it maybe interesting to see if he bounces back his mid 30's.

Angels in Order odds and ends

Out of the blue I found a bubble mailer in my mailbox - Tom from Angels in Order sent me a bunch of assorted cards to go through [apparently his leftovers from a repack he purchased as well as cards he hunted down from my wantlist].

When I keep running out to the mailbox on impulse, just to see if I get something like a lost TTM request - thanks to Tom for taking the time to send something, so I actually had something pop in my mailbox.

Off my wantlist
1981 Topps Mario Soto #354 - hats off
1989 Upper Deck John Cangelosi #67 - awesome action; I love this card
1989 Upper Deck Bruce Hurst #792 - pitchers hitting
1992 Fleer Les Lancaster #384 - pitchers hitting
1993 Upper Deck Omar Olivares #194 - pitchers hitting

1993 Upper Deck Kenny Lofton #262 - inspecting his Oakleys

Cards not accounted for on my wantlist but needed anyway

1982 Topps Ron Hassey #54 - tools of ignorance / catchers card

1993 Upper Deck Mike Stanton #90 - inking it up
1993 Upper Deck Mark Portugal #99 - inking it up

1993 Upper Deck John Burkett #160 - either inking it up or a retro uniform card

1993 Upper Deck Ron Karkovice #199 - awesome action card just because it's kind of an odd shot where he is on the bullpen phone, maybe trying to order a pizza or something.
1993 Upper Deck Jose Melendez #288 - presumably with his kid on the field

1993 Upper Deck Scott Radinsky #298 - inking it up; looks like someone attached a ball on a string to toss over the dugout.

Cards I probably have
1993 Upper Deck Mike Perez #204
1993 Upper Deck Roger McDowell #250
1993 Upper Deck Ricky Bones #328

Other loose cards
2010 Topps Adam Wainwright #136
2011 Topps Stephen Drew #269
2011 Topps Derrek Lee #273
2011 Topps Melky Cabrera #332
2011 Topps A.J. Pierzynski #153
2011 Topps Jonathan Sanchez #229
2011 Topps Tyler Flowers #395
2011 Topps Rod Barajas #575
2011 Topps Atlanta Braves #319
2011 Topps Kerry Wood #189
1990 Score Kevin Mmahat #643
1992 Fleer Scott Terry #593
1995 Mega Cards Babe Ruth #23
1992 Donruss Chris Nabholz #170
1991 Donruss Jim Vatcher #753
1996 Topps Michael Tucker #92
1990 Topps Kevin Brown #136
1990 Donruss Jeff Reardon #119
1988 Topps Mike Scioscia #225
1990 Leaf Terry Leach #360
1992 Topps Darren Lewis #743
1993 Donruss Rico Brogna #41
1990 Donruss Jerry Kutzler #503
1990 Fleer Greg Smith / Stu Tate #643
1993 Donruss Bill Swift #232
1994 Score David Nied #528
1994 Score Kevin Tapani #351
1990 Upper Deck Atlee Hammaker #620
1995 Score Select Dave Nilsson #69
1990 Leaf Jim DeShaies #168
1993 Donruss Tim Pugh #162
1988 Score R/T Jack McDowell #85 T
1993 Upper Deck Tony Phillips #195
1991 Upper Deck Ted Higuera #341
1991 Topps Carlos Baerga #147
1990 Score Joey Belle #508
1991 Score David Wells #474
1987 Topps Eddie Murray #120
1993 Upper Deck Les Grandes Expos #481 - feat. Marquis Grissom, Delino DeShields, Dennis Martinez and Larry Walker
1990 Fleer Bud Black #486
1992 Donruss Jack Morris #216
1991 Donruss Eric Davis #84
1989 Topps David Cone #710
1991 Leaf Rick Honeycutt #210
2006 Topps Chrome Felix Hernandez #148
2008 Topps Bobby Crosby uniform #TR-BC - still in wrapped in plastic

2006 Bowman Heritage Justin Christian #BHP 43 - he has played in 76 MLB games, spanning 143 at-bats in parts of three seasons [2008, 2011 and 2012].

It looks he the 34-year old is still on the grind after having a good 2014 season with AAA Durham - did I mention I had 13 of his 2008 Bowman card.

2004 Bowman Jose Valdez #243 - another journeyman; thought he may have been one of these guys never to make it out of the low minors after being signed off the island [the Dominican Republic], but he is still active as of 2014 and has just a little bit of MLB time under his belt with the Houston Astros.

2005 Bowman Draft Matt DeSalvo #181

2001 Leaf Rookies and Stars Jeff Bagwell #37
- terrific career numbers, though I have no problem making him wait as far as the Hall of Fame goes, considering the era he played in [with juiced up players, juiced up balls, smaller ballparks and expansion teams].

2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Ryan Perry / T.J. Steele #CTC-2
- College Ties insert serial #'d 1251/1500; I don't get it how some players like Perry can zoom up to the major leagues at 22, yet find themselves on the journeyman track when in theory, they should be in their prime.

2013 Topps Archives Curtis Granderson #94
2013 Topps Archives Alfonso Soriano #145
2013 Topps Archives David Price #127
2013 Topps Archives Dan Uggla #164
2013 Topps Archives Hanley Ramirez #17
2013 Topps Archives  Coco Crisp #84
1993 Fleer Russ Springer #8 of 18
- Major League Prospects insert
1993 Fleer J.T. Snow #7 of 18
- Major League Prospects insert

1993 Fleer Dave Fleming #5 of 10
- Rookie Sensations insert; when I collected back in the 1990's, I kind of remember trying to chase cards of the 'hot rookies.'

My wallet card - Joe checking out a mural

Go Angels!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Featured autograph - Ernie Banks 1931-2015

I got him to sign a reprint of his rookie card years ago - the last time I saw him was at the All-Star break in 2010; he seemed kind of spacey and had a drink in his hand.

I'm pretty sure I tried asking him to sign something but he was evasive and as he was getting into a vehicle he was driving - he tried to give the empty glass to me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2014 Panini Extra Edition pack breaks

I don't know why I paid nearly $6 a pack for this product - I suppose it's easier to pull autographs from loose packs compared to a Bowman Draft box, but from what I've read, any particular EEE auto is never as good as BDP auto; it also means there are more filler guys who end up signing for this product.

Pack one
#17 Jordan Brink
#12 Mark Payton
Dummy card
#26 Jake Reed - autograph, serial #'d 428/799; I got him to sign in-person a few times during the Arizona Fall League, so this is a redundant pull to me; to make things a little worse, Reed's hack graph goes off the sticker on this card.
#95 Carson Sands
#92 Max George

Pack two
#8 Luke Dykstra
#5 Forrest Wall
#18 Luis Severino - Elite Series
#88 J.B. Kole
#83 Jared Robinson

Monday, January 19, 2015

Featured autograph - Matt Joyce

Was digging around for this one to add to my all-time Angels collection once Joyce plays a game with the Halos this season - instead of one of these bums the Angels sign off the street, Joyce gives the Angels a capable platoon [he sucks against lefties] bat who can be a semi-regular in case someone gets hurt or doesn't feel like playing on a whim.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My wallet card - Joe at a Vietnamese place

Looks like Mr. Boever is a wanna-be foodie - in Little Saigon, California.

Monday, January 12, 2015

My wallet card - Joe out for a walk

A future Angel - Ian Desmond?

Assuming the Angels let their own regular shortstop [Erick Aybar] walk after this year - Desmond would be at the top of my wishlist as far as a position player.

I'm not sure how it's going to happen, though I assume it is going to be through free agency - Desmond will not come cheap as a fairly complete, athletic package, with the ability hit for power, steal bases and play defense at shortstop.

When the Washington Nationals picked up shortstop Trea Turner from the San Diego Padres this off-season - it probably means Desmond is as good as gone after he plays out his contract unless of course Turner gets hurt playing for the Lake Elsinore Storm or something.