Thursday, November 26, 2015

2015 Panini Contenders blaster box 1 of 2

I wanted to see what these cards look like so I picked up a two-box blaster of lot - to mainly pull assorted cards of players drafted this past year.

Because this product is currently $130 per hobby box on Blowout Cards, it may not be a heavily broken down product like Bowman Draft - where there might be hand collated base sets available left and right.

Maybe I'm missing something, but this lot might be a reasonable purchase - especially with two autos [even if they are the $2 variety] per box as sort of a bonus to whatever else I'm going to pull.

The design and images are fairly sharp - as far as player content, in addition to 2015 draftees, there are players from previous drafts, international players and also retired MLB stars / legends who played in college.

Though this product isn't licensed by MLB/MiLB, Panini has an agreement with the Collegiate Licensing Company - so while college baseball isn't followed as strongly as football or basketball, cards of players who came out of college can be tied back with their particular schools.

Pack one

#45 Grayson Long
#39 Drew Smith
#32 Dave Winfield
#23 Yairo Munoz - Passports insert
#24 Brett Lilek - School Colors insert
#23 Aaron Judge - Old School Colors insert

Pack two
#24 Carson Fulmer
#15 Blake Trahan

#5 Alex Bregman
#21 Russell Wilson / Trea Turner - Collegiate Connections insert
#38 Blake Trahan - School Colors insert

#44 Ozzie Smith - Old School Colors insert

Pack three
#95 Tyler Jay
#86 Skye Bolt

#78 Philip Pfeifer
#13 Cody Poteet - Class Reunion insert
#1 Dansby Swanson - School Colors insert
#2 Reggie Jackson - Old School Colors insert

Pack four
#71 Michael Matuella
#49 Ian Happ

#21 Eric Jenkins - autograph; Draft Ticket blue foil parallel
#10 Kevin Newman - Game Day insert

#3 Dillon Tate - School Colors insert
#12 Paul Molitor - OId School Colors insert

Pack five
#44 Garrett Cleaviger
#38 Donnie Dewees

#31 Dansby Swanson
#21 Teoscar Hernandez - Passports insert
#27 Andrew Suarez - School Colors insert
#27 Hunter Dozier - OId School Colors insert

Pack six
#23 Brent Lilek
#14 Barry Larkin

#42 Bryan Hudson - autograph

#19 Aaron Judge / Taylor Ward - Collegiate Connections insert
#6 Carson Fulmer - School Colors insert
#37 Carson Fulmer - OId School Colors insert

Pack seven
#4 Aaron Nola
#94 Tyler Beede
#85 Scott Kingery
#11 Richie Martin - Class Reunion insert
#46 Tate Matheny - School Colors insert
#42 Andrew Suarez - OId School Colors insert

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Topps [1978-present] card run

I finally went through the cards I had for all 30 MLB teams and listed them in a Google Sheets file - this projects seems to be a little tedious because I have to try and make a wantlist for cards I may not be interested in chasing after at the moment, though I do want a showcase of Topps cards for each of the current MLB teams.

The goal is to find a player's card for each team, for each of the years - anything highlighted in red means I need the particular card, anything listed in black is the card I already for the team/year and any blank spaces are spots I still have to figure out with regards to selecting a card.

For whatever reason, I chose 1978 as the starting year for this project since I figure that is already at least 37 years worth of cardboard to pore over - even if I'm not going all the way back through the old-school/vintage Topps years.

While 1978 is the starting point, the plan is find cards for the present year going forward - for as long as I have this itch for this particular project.

One rule for this project is not having a player represented more than three times - as much as I'd like certain players from particular teams represented as much as possible, I want a variety of different players.

Another rule [I may actually about to break starting from 2015] is only using cards from flagship Topps sets - I actually found some 'stragglers' that were part of update sets that I removed.

However, I'm missing a 2015 Houston Astros card and while I can fill it with a random Astros card - I think a 2015 Topps Update Carlos Correa would fit in perfectly.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Featured autographs - Garrett Richards and Sonny Gray

2015 Topps Triple Threads Garrett Richards UAJR-GR - Unity Autograph Jumbo Relics Sepia serial #'d 14/75

2015 Topps Triple Threads Sonny Gray UAJR-SG - Unity Autograph Jumbo Relics Sepia serial #'d 06/75

Certified autograph cards of MLB players seem to be a dime a dozen and within a product like 2015 Topps Triple Threads - maybe there one too many variations of basically the same type of card, with just a different color scheme and serial numbering.

These cards will never be worth more than what I paid for them since they are not considered big hit pulls from the product - however, for about the price of a blaster box, I like the idea I was able to pick up a pair of nice looking cards featuring a couple of pitching aces.

Friday, November 06, 2015

2015 Bowman Chrome Miguel Sano #PP 8

I picked this Prospects Profiles Minis insert up for a dollar because it's shiny and it pictures a guy who had quite a rookie season - the card probably doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but I don't like that it's kind of odd-sized and doesn't quite look like a 'stand alone' card.

I want to say there may have been some novelty in the idea this maybe an early card - but Sano has had at least several years worth of prospect and minor league cards.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Featured autograph - Ryan McMahon

It looks like McMahon has had certified autograph cards since 2013, so this 2015 Bowman Inception card probably just another miscellaneous card - it did catch my eye and I picked it up for $4 since I thought it was a nice looking card serial #'d 17/99.

McMahon appears to be a solid hitting prospect who may get a boost if he gets to play in Colorado - even with Nolan Arenado entrenched at third base, he could probably reach the Major Leagues at some point within the next couple of years.

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Collecting projects - and the beat goes on

I've had flings with starting an Angels frankenset, tinkering with my award winners collection and trying to tweak my personal collections list - while I'm not a kid anymore and maybe the hobby of trading cards has been 'over' a long time ago, I'm still thinking up various ways to mess around with my cards.

Other card projects I have on my mind include:

1.) Topps year-to-year card run [1978-present] for each 30 MLB teams - this has been a dormant project for me, though I’d like to go through the cards I have and create a wantlist so I have some cards to chase after like a 1978 Topps Johnny Bench and a 2016 Topps Buster Posey [when next year's cards come out] for their respective team runs.

2.) Collecting topics / mini-collections - I want to be able to list the various mini-collections cards I've picked up this year like this 2014 Topps Chrome Yosmil Pinto [awesome action] as 'yearly achievements' and occasionally account for cards I've picked up from previous years but haven't really bothered to list.

A problem I have is my mini-collections spreadsheet seems to have gotten too bloated to upload to Google Sheets - while I want my mini-collection information in one database, I'm thinking about listing 'prominent' mini-collections in separate 'stand alone' files.

3.) Building up my A-Z singles collection as sort of a refined showcase of sorts - I'd like to list cards that fit my 'A-Z singles' criteria [not quite PC cards, probably more like random pulls and finds that may have some appeal depending on what the player does] and also physically have the cards together in one place as opposed to being scattered around.

Maybe having a collection of 'A-Z singles' is kind of like fantasy sports - where I try to keep up with players' performances to see which guys are hot and not.

4.) Angels Opening Day sets - maybe inspired by at least a card blogger or two, maybe I want to put together a collection of cards featuring Angels opening day lineups.

Maybe my Angels cards are just kind of 'loose' all around - so much like with my frankenset project, maybe a goal is really to use up much of my base and ‘lesser’ insert cards for something relevant.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

2015 Topps Update hanger box break

Even though it's just a bunch of cards to me at this point - though there maybe an eclectic mix of players past and present found here.

#US-38 Michael Lorenzen
#US-30 David Phelps
#US-325 Matt Kemp
#US-205 Andres Blanco
#US-157 Noah Syndergaard
#US-122 Marlon Byrd
#US-263 Pedro Strop
#US-296 J.B. Shuck
#US-179 Adam Liberatore
#US-352 Jose Reyes
#US-112 Conor Gillaspie
#US-200 Adam Jones
#US-132 Gerardo Parra
#US-12 Travis Ishikawa

#FHR-1 Ernie Banks - 1st Home Run insert / gold foil
#FHR-26 Kennys Vargas - 1st Home Run insert / gold foil
#US-318 Phillippe Aumont
#US-13 Tommy Pham
#US-223 Kevin Jepsen
#US-81 Pat Venditte
#US-326 Jonathan Herrera
#US-256 Danny Dorn / Darrell Ceciliani
#US-28 Miguel Cabrera
#US-121 Alexi Ogando
#US-377 Taijuan Walker
#US-40 Sam Dyson
#US-149 Thomas Field
#US-201 Jose Altuve
#US-314 Rafael Betancourt
#US-290 Zach Britton
#US-49 Mark Canha
#US-27 Nathan Eovaldi
#US-5 Ryan Vogelsong
#US-379 Cameron Maybin
#US-32 Blake Swihart
#US-382 Dan Uggla
#US-35 Justin Bour
#US-390 Donovan Solano
#US-334 Clint Barmes
#US-354 Brandon Finnegan
#US-63 Kelvin Herrera
#US-88 Marc Rzepczynski
#US-391 Clayton Richards
#US-209 Prince Fielder
#US-3 Tyler Wilson
#US-70 Vance Worley
#US-140 Mark Melancon
#US-322 Mat Latos
#H-68 Bob Lemon - Highlight of the Year insert

#US-290 Zach Britton - Rainbow Foil

#RS-18 Derek Jeter - Rookie Sensations insert

#US-64 David Price - Pink parallel serial #'d 19/50

#TMB-1 Jose Canseco - Tape Measure Blasts insert
#PP-2 Curtis Pride - Pride and Perseverance insert

#518 Rajai Davis - Target Throwbacks parallel
#US-156 Colby Rasmus / Jake Marisnick / George Springer - Amazing Astros
#US-242 Kris Bryant

#US-251 Carlos Correa - Rookie Debut subset
#US-253 Trevor Rosenthal 
#US-79 Kris Bryant / Addison Russell - Rookies Rising
#US-109 Anthony Ranaudo
#US-143 Tommy Hunter
#US-241 David Ortiz / Pablo Sandoval / Hanley Ramirez - Sluggers Supreme
#US-50 Alex Guerrero
#US-85 Justin Nicolino
#US-43 Randall Delgado
#US-11 Evan Gattis
#US-55 Hank Conger
#US-174 Carlos Correa
#US-327 Ryan Webb
#US-123 Felix Hernandez
#US-168 George Kontos