Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Featured autograph - Randy Ready

I got five cards [all MLB authenticated for what it's worth] signed by the former utility player and longtime coach at the MLB All-Star Fan Fest - Ready played in the middle of the junk wax era so even as a rank-and-file player, he had a lot of cards made.

Maybe my favorite card was this 1984 Topps Traded 'XRC' - I probably dated myself with 'XRC' reference but I think that's what you called the first cards of players included in late season update sets as opposed to just referring to them as rookie cards [that were supposed to come from a nationally distributed card set].

Topps used a cleaner, thinner card stock for the traded set - the backs are brighter as opposed regular 1984 Topps cards.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Featured autograph - Kevin Mitchell

I picked up the 1994 Topps Gold for my 'inking it up' mini-collection and go figure, ended up getting the card signed at the 2016 MLB All-Star Fan Fest - the focus of my 'image based' mini-collections is on the cards and I like the keep the cards unsigned because when a card is autographed, it usually obscures the image on the card.

On the other hand, an autograph signed in a controlled, organized situation - can make a 5-cent card with a unique picture stand out a little more than a similar, unsigned card.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Featured autograph - Jesse Orosco

I've gotten his autograph in recent years, though I didn't see him this year until he made an MLB All-Star Fan Fest appearance - Orosco was a 24-year MLB veteran who appeared in a record 1252 games for 10 teams.

While a nomad after he left the organization - Orosco was a 2-time All-Star in his eight seasons with the New York Mets and closed out Game 7 of 1986 World Series.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Featured autographs - Dodgers prospects

Pitchers Grant Holmes, Josh Sborz and Andrew Sopko maybe just the trade bait needed to land an ace like Chris Sale - who seems an obvious fit for the Dodgers now that Clayton Kershaw could be out for the season.

The trio of Holmes, Sborz and Sopko have each shown they can pitch in the hitter friendly California League - but regardless of their performance or ceiling, the Dodgers maybe less reluctant to deal either one or all three as opposed to Julio Urias, Jose De Leon or Yadier Alvarez.

Sborz and Sopko were drafted out of college, so as long as they are healthy and effective, they may get to the big leagues by some point next year - while a team like the Chicago White Sox can wait for Holmes to make the progression a level at a time.

I really don't ask for inscriptions [particularly on cards], but it's cool to get something a bit more than an autograph [especially when the player has more of a scribble] - if a player is willing to add the inscription and it looks clean.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Featured autograph - Will Clark

The former MLB superstar made an appearance during a minor league game in Lancaster California and I was able to get my 2001 Fleer Tradition set card signed - it was great for me to get his autograph for the first time and knock out a 15-year old set card.

Team staff from the host Lancaster Jethawks were adamant that Clark would signing for a 6:30-8:00 p.m. and with the volume of people who lined up for an autograph - there were no photo ops taken with him and it was strictly one autograph per person.

After the fact, I saw Clark was fairly accommodating, typically putting 'Thrill' inscriptions on non-card items like balls, flats and jerseys - while the team staff was watching over Clark, he would sign multiples if you plopped them down in front of him.

If you attended the signing with a family of people - then you racked up at least one time through the line, if not a second time through.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Award winner adds - miscellaneous MVPs

2002 SP Legendary Cuts Dazzy Vance #16 - 1924 National League MVP

1991 Conlon George H. Burns #309

2007 SP Legendary Cuts Charlie Gehringer #32 - 1937 American League MVP

2001 Topps Archives Jackie Jensen #145 - 1958 American League MVP

2001 Upper Deck Decade 1970s Joe Torre #144 - 1971 National League MVP

Thursday, July 21, 2016

$2 vendor 'pile of' repacks - Giants #2

The players with the most cards in this repack - J.T. Snow x5, Jeff Kent x4, Kevin Mitchell x4, Robby Thompson x4, Mike Aldrete x3, Bob Brenly x3, Bill Laskey x3, Tim Lincecum x3, Barry Zito x3, Rod Beck x2, Vida Blue x2, Matt Cain x2, Kelly Downs x2, Darrell Evans x2, Noah Lowry x2, Don Robinson x2, Jason Schmidt x2, Jose Uribe x2 and Randy Winn x2.

2000 Upper Deck Legends Jeff Kent #38
2001 Topps Chrome J.T. Snow Jr. #350

2007 Topps Turkey Red Barry Zito #41
1990 Topps Terry Kennedy #372
1990 Topps Ernie Riles #732
1983 Fleer Bill Laskey #264
1982 Donruss Darrell Evans #398 
2000 Fleer Ultra J.T. Snow #17
1981 Donruss Darrell Evans #192

1982 Donruss Vida Blue #4 - Diamond Kings
1981 Fleer Vida Blue #432 
2007 Upper Deck First Edition Dave Roberts #271
2005 Topps Nate Schierholtz #301
1989 Upper Deck Mike Aldrete #239
1989 Upper Deck Bob Brenly #479
1989 Upper Deck Bob Melvin #227
2000 Upper Deck Black Diamond J.T. Snow #74
1988 Donruss Mike Krukow #116
1988 Donruss Kelly Downs #145 - x2
1988 Donruss Bob Brenly #189
2011 Topps Heritage Jonathan Sanchez #71
2008 Topps Updates and Highlights Tim Lincecum #UH313
2008 Topps Updates and Highlights Brian Wilson #UH262
2008 Topps Updates and Highlights Jose Castillo #UH254
2008 Topps Finest Barry Zito #72
2008 Topps Allen and Ginter Randy Winn #161
2008 Topps Chrome Barry Zito #2
2009 Topps Heritage Matt Cain #410
2009 Topps Heritage Bengie Molina #421
2009 Topps Heritage Randy Winn #407
2009 Topps Heritage Ryan Garko #675
1988 Topps Giants Leaders #261
1991 Upper Deck Kevin Mitchell #247
1989 Donruss Jose Uribe #131
1989 Donruss Bob Brenly #453
1989 Donruss Don Robinson #571
1999 Topps Stadium Club Joe Carter #98
1999 Topps Stadium Club J.T. Snow Jr. #81
1987 Topps Robby Thompson #658
1987 Fleer Robby Thompson #285
1984 Donruss Bill Laskey #358
1984 Fleer Bill Laskey #376
1997 Topps Noah Lowry #158 - Red back

1992 Fleer Rod Beck #627

2005 Fleer Ricky Ledee #256
2005 Fleer Brett Tomko #22
2005 Fleer Jason Schmidt #178
2005 Fleer Jerome Williams #209
2005 Fleer Dustin Hermanson #280
1992 Fleer Rod Beck #627 - x2
1987 Donruss Robby Thompson #145
1986 Topps Traded Robby Thompson #113T
2009 Topps Heritage Freddy Sanchez #661
2009 Topps Heritage Travis Ishikawa #637
1981 Fleer John Montefusco #439
1991 Fleer Kevin Mitchell #267

1990 Score Kevin Mitchell #343
1989 Topps Jose Uribe #753
1989 Topps Joe Price #217
1989 Topps Kevin Mitchell #189
1989 Topps Mike Aldrete #158
2006 Bowman Heritage Jason Schmidt #97
2002 Donruss Jeff Kent #30
2000 Fleer Tradition Robb Nen #140
2000 Fleer Tradition Ellis Burks #108
2001 Upper Deck Vintage Kirk Reuter #259
2001 Upper Deck Vintage J.T. Snow #255
2001 Donruss Studio Andres Galarraga #141
2001 Fleer Authority Rich Aurilia #31
2001 Pacific Ryan Vogelsong #489
2001 Topps Fusion Jeff Kent #120
2001 Upper Deck Prospects Premieres Noah Lowry #41
2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Aubrey Huff #259
2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Tim Lincecum #84
2011 Topps Lineage Miguel Tejada #176
2011 Topps Lineage Tim Lincecum #135
2011 Topps Lineage Matt Cain #119
2011 Topps Heritage Bruce Bochy #322
2001 Donruss Studio Jeff Kent #42
1989 Topps Atlee Hammaker #572
1989 Topps Don Robinson #473
1989 Donruss Mike Aldrete #140
1989 Donruss Kirt Manwaring #494

1989 Donruss Francisco Melendez #611
1974 Topps Dave Kingman #610