Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I like to hoard assorted cardboard

I picked up 110 assorted cards in a card shop's '8 for $1' monster boxes - I'd made one other trip to this card shop and was bored because I saw the cards were a little older [from the late 2000's].

From what I heard is the card shop buys up boxes of cards on the cheap from box busters [everything except the actually hits] and then dumps most of the cards out for people to digest in the spring time - whatever newer cards he has bought, he may still need to sort in anticipation of next year because that is when people tend to come into the store.

I may have forgotten a few cards here and there, even ones I'd already planned on picking up, though I tried to be decisive - trying to figure out whether or not I can add cards to my mini-collections or maybe I just liked the card (s) at the moment and wanted to top off the brick of cards I had built.

There was a bunch of 2006 Topps Turkey Red cards and while I wanted some variety in my haul - I tried to grab the ones featuring mostly players I maybe able to see in-person at some point.

1991 Topps Shane Mack #672
1993 Hostess Ken Griffey Jr. #25
1994 Pinnacle Chuck Knoblauch #83
1997 Donruss Chris Hoiles #342
1998 Donruss Darryl Kile #3
1998 Donruss John Jaha #176
1998 Donruss Lance Johnson #200

1998 Fleer Sports Illustrated Edgar Renteria #30
2001 Topps American Pie Dean Chance #112

2001 Upper Deck Hall of Famers Satchel Paige #74
2002 Fleer Tradition Ray Durham #293
2002 Fleer Tradition Carlos Lee #413
2002 Topps D'Angelo Jimenez #428
2003 Fleer Tradition Luis Aparicio #67
2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Lance Parrish #69
2003 Topps Chan Ho Park #463

2003 Topps Dmitri Young #582
2003 Topps Heritage Mike Sweeney #267
2003 Upper Deck Shane Halter #346
2003 Upper Deck Vintage Troy Glaus #1

2004 Fleer Tradition Ramon Hernandez #113
2004 Fleer Tradition Mike Matheny #147
2004 Fleer Tradition Kelvim Escobar #174
2004 Fleer Tradition Jason LaRue #210
2004 Fleer Tradition Terrence Long #279
2004 Fleer Tradition Scott Spiezio #319

2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Reggie Jackson #63
2004 Topps Bazooka Frank Thomas #7
2004 Topps Heritage Yadier Molina #355
2004 Topps Opening Day Marcus Giles #8
2004 Topps Opening Day Jason Phillips #52 
2004 Upper Deck First Pitch David Bell #234
2004 Upper Deck Timeless Teams Brooks Robinson #40
2004 Upper Deck Timeless Teams Mike Scioscia #202
2004 Upper Deck Timeless Teams Jim Rice #245
2005 Donruss Brandon Phillips #157
2005 Fleer Ultra Jermaine Dye #29

2005 Fleer Ultra Corey Koskie #105
2005 Fleer Ultra Bret Boone #106
2005 Fleer Ultra Eric Munson #150
2005 Fleer Ultra Lance Berkman #10 - RBI Kings insert
2005 Topps Mark Ellis #614

2005 Topps Heritage Kevin Mench #39 - uncorrected error card / pictures David Dellucci
2006 Fleer Ultra Joe Mauer #163
2006 Topps 52 Rookies Brian Wilson #87
2006 Topps 52 Rookies Eric Stults #106
2006 Topps Turkey Red Casey Kotchman #56
2006 Topps Turkey Red Omar Infante #243
2006 Topps Turkey Red Stuart Pomeranz #295
2006 Topps Turkey Red Oliver Perez #327
2006 Topps Turkey Red A.J. Burnett #335
2006 Topps Turkey Red Mike Sweeney #336
2006 Topps Turkey Red Nomar Garciaparra #346
2006 Topps Turkey Red Jeff Weaver #353
2006 Topps Turkey Red Chipper Jones #360
2006 Topps Turkey Red Mark Loretta #362
2006 Topps Turkey Red Coco Crisp #378
2006 Topps Turkey Red Brad Penny #384
2006 Topps Turkey Red Jermaine Dye #391
2006 Topps Turkey Red Joe Nathan #398
2006 Topps Turkey Red Mark Mulder #407
2006 Topps Turkey Red Bobby Crosby #417
2006 Topps Turkey Red Vinny Castilla #423
2006 Topps Turkey Red Dmitri Young #428
2006 Topps Turkey Red Sean Casey #435
2006 Topps Turkey Red Rafael Furcal #456
2006 Topps Turkey Red Bartolo Colon #462
2006 Topps Turkey Red Curtis Granderson #468
2006 Topps Turkey Red Jeremy Reed #472
2006 Topps Turkey Red David Eckstein #473
2006 Topps Turkey Red Huston Street #478
2006 Topps Turkey Red Phil Nevin #480
2006 Topps Turkey Red Jason Giambi #482
2006 Topps Turkey Red Torii Hunter #487
2006 Topps Turkey Red Garret Anderson #488 - x2
2006 Topps Turkey Red Kameron Loe #496
2006 Topps Turkey Red Chris Young #498
2006 Topps Turkey Red Dan Johnson #507
2006 Topps Turkey Red Mike Cameron #514
2006 Topps Turkey Red Doug Mientkiewicz #534
2006 Topps Turkey Red Chris Capuano #544
2006 Topps Turkey Red Chris Duffy #547
2006 Topps Turkey Red Bengie Molina #548
2006 Topps Turkey Red Steve Finley #563
2006 Topps Turkey Red Shawn Chacon #567
2006 Topps Turkey Red Barry Bonds #573
2006 Topps Turkey Red Brad Ausmus #574

2006 Topps Turkey Red Orlando Cabrera / Adam Kennedy 'Avoiding the Runner' #577
2006 Topps Turkey Red Derek Jeter #580
2006 Topps Turkey Red Jeff Mathis #594
2006 Topps Turkey Red Sean Marshall #604
2006 Topps Turkey Red Kendrys Morales #607
2006 Topps Turkey Red Jason Kubel #621
2006 Topps Turkey Red Fausto Carmona #624
2006 Topps Turkey Red Michael Pelfrey #628
2006 Upper Deck Ovation Miguel Cabrera #ON-MC - Ovation Nation insert
2007 Fleer Ultra Todd Helton #55
2007 Topps Heritage Richie Ashburn / Ichiro #TN7 - Then and Now insert
2008 Topps Moments & Milestones Robinson Cano #70 - serial #'d 044/150
2008 Topps Moments & Milestones Jim Thome #85 - serial #'d 148/150
2008 Topps Opening Day Jeff Francoeur #143 - Gold parallel serial #'d 1753/2199
2008 Topps Opening Day Aramis Ramirez #169 - Gold parallel serial #'d 1805/2199
2009 Upper Deck Jon Garland #189
2009 Upper Deck Icons Daisuke Matsuzaka #28
2009 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee Carlos Lee #371
2011 Topps Heritage Edinson Volquez #171
2012 Topps David Murphy #385 

2012 Topps Justin Verlander #TM-55 - 1987 Topps Minis insert

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

2014 Topps Update blaster recap

Commemorative patch card 
#WSP-RF Rollie Fingers - manufactured 1974 World Series patch; I can't complain about these cards when they are pretty sharp.

Pack one
#US-296 Tyler Moore
#US-46 Jake Marisnick
#US-84 Brandon Maurer - Red Hot Foil parallel
#US-64 LaTroy Hawkins - Target Red parallel
#US-231 Brendan Ryan - Target Red parallel
#US-7 David Price
#US-24 Tony Sanchez
#US-150 Jon Singleton

Pack two
#US-83 Brandon Hicks
#US-85 Daniel Descalso
#US-164 Joe Kelly
#FF-OV Omar Vizquel - Fond Farewells insert / do I really need a flipping Omar Vizquel card in a 2014 product?
#US-20 Gregory Polanco - Target Red parallel
#US-100 Jose Abreu - Target Red parallel
#US-252 Adrian Nieto
#US-95 Vidal Nuno

Pack three
#US-244 Daisuke Matsuzaka
#US-73 Francisco Cervelli
#US-86 Cesar Ramos
#TM-PF Prince Fielder - 1989 Topps Die-Cut minis insert
#US-266 Drew Smyly - Target Red parallel
#US-221 Gregory Polanco - Target Red parallel

#US-49 Willie Bloomquist
#US-11 Robbie Ross Jr.

Pack four
#US-70 Jarrod Saltalamacchia
#US-93 Troy Patton
#FN-MW1 Michael Wacha - The Future is Now insert
#US-293 Troy Patton - Target Red parallel
#US-272 Mark Ellis - Target Red parallel
#US-206 Chris Perez
#US-103 Starlin Castro
#US-283 Tyson Ross

Pack five

#US-218 David Carpenter

#US-194 Hector Santiago
#US-237 Jorge Polanco - Gold parallel serial #'d 1781/2014
#PPA-JB Jose Bautista - Power Players insert
#US-13 Andrew Heaney - Target Red parallel
#US-14 Justin Grimm - Target Red parallel
#US-250 Yu Darvish

#US-153 Kurt Suzuki

Pack six
#US-248 Brayan Pena
#US-34 Gavin Floyd
#US-107 Josh Collmenter
#WSH-SC Steve Carlton - World Series Heroes insert
#US-7 David Price - Target Red parallel
#US-325 Jose Abreu - Target Red parallel / I pull two Abreu cards and neither one is the actual rookie card, even though both have a MLB rookie card logo [his actual rookie card appeared in Topps Series II, btw]; why does he need two different debut cards?
#US-57 Jacob DeGrom
#US-191 Yoenis Cespedes

Pack seven
#US-302 Tom Gorzelanny
#US-165 Justin Morneau
#US-78 Reid Brignac
#US-206 Chris Perez - Target Red parallel
#US-49 Willie Bloomquist - Target Red parallel
#US-94 Tuffy Gosewisch
#US-177 Dee Gordon
#US-55 Jon Lester

Pack eight
#US-3 Tom Wilhelmsen
#US-134 Tony Cruz
#US-323 Chase Headley
#FN-MB1 Mookie Betts - The Future is Now insert
#US-57 Jacob DeGrom - Target Red parallel
#US-250 Yu Darvish - Target Red parallel

#US-54 Mike Trout
#US-288 Aroldis Chapman

Pack nine

#US-127 David Phelps
#US-251 Ike Davis
#US-138 Asdrubal Cabrera
#US-326 Joaquin Benoit - Red Hot Foil parallel
#US-212 Randy Choate - Target Red parallel
#US-94 Tuffy Gosewisch - Target Red parallel
#US-212 Randy Choate
#US-48 Scott Hairston

Pack 10
#US-319 Ricky Nolasco
#US-117 Bryan Holaday
#FF-RH Roy Halladay - Fond Farewell insert
#US-300 Miguel Cabrera - Target Red parallel
#US-169 Chone Figgins - Target Red parallel

#US-169 Chone Figgins - looks like there are some Dodgers lurking as bonus babies but they are too blurry to make out / I assume the guy on the dugout railing is manager Don Mattingly.
#US-276 Rougned Odor
#US-284 Robbie Ray

2014 Topps Update Value Pack recap

I wanted to get my initial fix out of the way, so I impulsively grabbed a blaster box and a value pack about a week ago - not that it matters, but this pack configuration was 36 cards in single hanger pack as opposed to a two section rack pack.

#US-244 Daisuke Matsuzaka
#US-73 Francisco Cervelli
#US-83 Brandon Hicks
#US-84 Daniel Descalso
#US-296 Tyler Moore
#US-116 Brett Anderson
#US-112 Aflredo Simon
#US-111 Emilio Bonifacio
#US-287 Mike Bolsinger
#US-19 Bronson Arroyo
#US-38 Jason Giambi
#US-107 Josh Collmenter
#US-93 Troy Patton
#US-86 Cesar Ramos
#US-164 Joe Kelly
#US-46 Jake Marisnick
#US-2 Derek Jeter - Gold parallel serial #'d 0005/2014
#US-280 Cole Gillespie - Red Hot Foil parallel
#FN-NC 2 Nick Castellanos - The Future is Now insert
#WSH-BSA Bret Saberhagen - World Series Heroes insert
#US-7 David Price
#US-325 Jose Abreu
#US-13 Andrew Heaney
#US-14 Justin Grimm
#US-293 Tom Koehler
#US-174 Jace Peterson
#US-267 Jonathan Diaz
#US-237 Jorge Polanco
#US-17 Yangervis Solarte
#US-330 Daniel Webb
#US-52 Chase Anderson
#US-154 Yu Darvish
#US-18 Aramis Ramirez
#US-258 Matt Carpenter
#US-30 Elian Herrera
#US-224 Jared Burton
Security card

Monday, October 20, 2014

Assorted card shop pick ups

Wasn't as geeked up digging around a particular card shop I can only really visit maybe a few times in the fall - but found some loose odds and ends to put away in my pocket.

I paid $5 for a 2014 Panini Prizm Evan Longoria #65 - serial #'d 10/42; maybe a $1-$3 card on eBay but I suppose adding s/h costs even things out.

When digging for random singles, maybe I have a 'handful' of guys whose cards to look for - Longoria might be one of those MLB players that pique my interest from time to time.

The rest of the cards were a dollar each - I like numbered parallels when I can find them.

1993 Fleer Ultra Top Glove Greg Maddux #1 - an old insert featuring him wearing batting helmet, so I might as well grab the card now for my pitchers hitting collection or else I might as well forget it.

2002 Upper Deck Plus Mike Hampton #UD 99 - serial #'d 0142/1125; Hampton is not a player whose cards I'd usually find as keepers, but it's neat to find cards of him as a hitter.

2012 Topps Heritage Minors Matt Den Dekker - black border parallel serial #'d 61 / 96; I'll grab serial #'d cards all day even if the players aren't quite notables.

2012 Topps Pro Debut Garin Cecchini #23 - gold parallel serial #'d 24/50; maybe I've been on a numbered cards kick and it's fun to look for them, even though they aren't worth as much as I'd assume.

2012 Topps Pro Debut Tyrell Jenkins #130 - gold parallel serial #'d 08/50.

2013 Topps Update Series Ryan Kalish #US 108 - Camo parallel serial #'d 60/99; a seemingly limited card featuring awesome outfield action is a keeper.

2014 Panini Prizm Alex Gordon #42 - serial #'d 39/99; for the 2014 World Series, I'm hopping on the Kansas City bandwagon unless the San Francisco Giants snuff the Royals' World Series championship run out rather decidedly.

2014 Topps Series I Trout jumbo pack recap

During a week long sojourn in Arizona, my buddy and I stopped at a Surprise Walmart - when I saw there were 2014 Topps Series I jumbo packs still hanging up at the trading card section, I dug around to see if there was one marked with an exclusive Mike Trout card inside.

I've never heard of a 2014 Topps Mike Trout card available in Topps I Walmart jumbo packs until I read the Angels in Order blog - I was vaguely aware of the particular Trout card, though I thought it was just another base card variation / short print.

I actually spotted one marked pack and started taking the packs off the hanger to grab the 'Trout' pack - I do wonder why the card was only available in Walmart packs and why Topps had to mark the pack the card was actually in?

Maybe it would have been better if the cards were randomly inserted into unmarked packs - so the allure of the hunt remains instead of a certain number of packs being poached while the rest remain unsold on the shelves.

Maybe Topps should have created a more unique bonus card - besides the image, the Trout photo variation card doesn't really feel like it's all that jazzy

I was also thinking that a special Trout card should be one per pack instead of this wild-goose chase - but that would make the cards more 'bargain box' fodder, than something to fish for.

Top section
#35 Trevor Cahill
#182 Carlos Ruiz
#57 Yadier Molina
#123 James Paxton
#301 Shane Victorino
#47 Chris Davis
#218 Matt Dominguez
#61 Nick Markakis
#224 Michael Saunders
#231 J.R. Murphy
- Gold parallel serial #'d 1976/2014
#1 Mike Trout
#248 Travis d'Arnaud
#282 Rex Brothers
#8 Coco Crisp
#173 Brandon League
#134 Josh Donaldson
#211 Dioner Navarro
#268 Don Kelly

Bottom section
#252 Kevin Pillar
#288 Julio Teheran
#292 Aaron Hill
#143 2013 National League Runs Batted in Leaders
- feat. Paul Goldschmidt, Freddie Freeman and Jay Bruce
#259 David Ortiz
#321 Mariano Rivera
- Green parallel
#UC-45 Ryne Sandberg - Upper Class insert
#FN-18 Wil Myers - The Future is Now insert
#RCT-3 Joe Morgan - Topps All Rookie Cup team insert
#1 Mike Trout - Gatorade bath SP
#289 Matt Thornton - Walmart blue parallel
#102 Matt Lindstrom - Walmart blue parallel
#238 Alberto Callaspo
#151 Bruce Chen
#236 Joel Peralta
#256 Abraham Almonte
#75 Brandon Barnes
#209 Carlos Quentin

Saturday, October 11, 2014

My cool story bro time with Mike Moustakas

I remember trying to get Moustakas' autograph as a Surprise Rafters player in the Arizona Fall League - I think it was after a day game in Mesa and I remember him storming across the field, maybe with his headphones on headed to the team bus.

I kept calling out to him but he just flat out ignored me - he might have had a bad game, wanted to get to the team bus ASAP and didn't want to sign anything.

One of his teammates caught up with him and kind of gestured towards my direction - but Moustakas was oblivious.

No, I wasn't about to freak out or anything, but I was perplexed - I must have gotten him to eventually sign, but I want to always remember my 'non-moment' with Moustakas, who turned around another miserable season by emerging as a postseason hero for the upstart Kansas City Royals this year.

I haven't had problems with getting things signed by Moustakas when he comes home to So. Cal with the Royals to play the Angels - he pretty good about signing, even though he can be a Sharpie killer [someone who presses hard and deliberate when he signs, so the tip of the pen dulls / wears out real quick] and his autograph can be messy.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Josh Hamilton

Mike Trout, Albert Pujols and Hamilton are the three 'money guys' in the Angels' lineup but at least Trout and Pujols have put up some numbers - take it how you will but this post has finally come to fruition.

I don't think Hamilton has been a very good baseball player with the Angels and with him, you never know what is going on in his head - his first year, it was supposedly losing weight that deflated his numbers.

This past year he gained back the weight and was off to a good start, but then he got injured sliding into first base and was never the same - as is, the Angels were stupid enough to pay him $25 million a year and as a fan, I just have to go along with the roller coaster ride.

What bothers me the idea there are still fans out there who think he is great and think you are spitting on his face - when the guy is just a professional baseball player who hasn't lived up to the hype of a big contract.

While I'm down on this guy because he hasn't performed, no I'm not rooting him to fail - fans who are mesmorized by his journey as a man and his faith seem to think otherwise.

Albert Pujols pick ups

Where was my man Pujols, who I hoped would have a big postseason - he hit one lousy home run and one other RBI base single in the American League Division Series, but nothing else.

As is, he played in 159 games in 2014 and posted decent offensive numbers - even though his on-base/slugging wasn't up to par with what he has done before.

The small lot of Pujols cards features his 2014 Topps Chrome Topps Shelf insert - his base 2014 Topps Chrome, a 2014 Topps Chrome 1989 Topps reprint refractor and also a 2014 Topps Red Hot foil parallel.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Fell for another Fairfield 250 card cube

1.) Any sort of repacks really don't give me anything I need - but the 250-card cubes have become my repack of choice, because they give a plenty of cards to go through, even though I have to deal with never ending supply of junk wax cards [1986-1992] stuffed in every box.

2.) The plastic cube holding these cards was cracked - one of the highlights of getting one of these 250-card repacks is the the reusable card cube.

3.) The bonus unopened packs aren't worth bupkis - but still eager to rip and see what is inside.

2013 Topps Heritage
#121 Ned Yost
#8 2012 American League Batting Leaders - feat. Miguel Cabrera, Mike Trout and Adrian Beltre
#186 Casper Wells
#335 Jonny Venters
#108 Jarrod Parker
#250 Prince Fielder

#427 Andre Ethier - short print
#267 Marco Estrada
#130 Philip Humber

2013 Topps Update Series
#US159 Donald Lutz
#US308 J.P. Howell
#US140 Justin Upton
#US184 Dioner Navarro
#US119 Felix Hernandez
#CH-113 Ozzie Smith - Chasing History insert
#US133 Jose Fernandez
#US100 Bryce Harper
#US145 Michael Cuddyer
#US219 Pedro Alvarez
#US299 Ian Kennedy
#US183 Jeff Bianchi

Going through the boxes, I make a mental checklist where certain cards could fit - to be honest, the number of cards dwindle from about 250 or so, to perhaps 10-15 I really eat up with the rest being cards I've pretty much seen before.

1.) Collecting topics - 1982 Donruss Dave Parker [broken bat shots] and 1997 Upper Deck Collector's Choice Darren Oliver [retro uniforms].

2.) Topps team runs - I'm trying to compile a run of Topps cards for all applicable MLB teams from 1978-present; I might have found one or two cards but I'm trying to be a little more pickier with the ones I want to include in this collection.

3.) Team boxes - I try to have a random collection of cards for all the 30 MLB teams, though it's mostly a 'fun' collection to add oddball cards and other random cards that catch my eye like this 1989 Fleer Glossy Lance Johnson.

I pulled these two Angels cards - the Wally Joyner is from the 1986 Sportsflics Rookies boxed set and the Tim Salmon is from the 1995 Upper Deck SP Championship Series set.

4.) Cards for retired players who maybe coaches - I found two 1999 Pacific Doug Henry cards stuck together and while there are some ink loss from the cards' glossy finish, I managed to get the two cards signed in-person.

5.) Dafuq are these guys [?] - as an 'unofficial' mini-collection, I gather a small collection of one-time MLB players anybody would be hard pressed to remember but actually appear on MLB cards; this 1993 Fleer Final Edition Ben Shelton is an appropriate addition since Shelton played in only 15 MLB games.

6.) Out of the carnage I pulled two autograph hits - both absolutely worthless but the 2003 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Blue Pete La Forest is serial #'d 1 of 50 and a 2007 Upper Deck SP Rookie Edition Matt DeSalvo was a bonus hit I wasn't expecting but sort of hoping for since the assortment of repack cards were so random.

What the hell is this, lol.

Looks like I've been hacked or something since an image of a hockey goalie [I've never posted a matching hockey image on this blog] replaced my thumbnail from my post yesterday - it looks like it was only on the mobile version of this site and the correct image shows up when I click on the post.

I don't think I was imagining things - but after fretting about it on the way to work, then the thumbnail reverted back to the original image.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Halos woes

I'm not going to lie, I think the Angels might have played their last home game - after being down 2-0 in the American League Division Series to the upstart Kansas City Royals.

I think the Angels' pitching has been admirable - I can't stress enough how well the team has pitched and so be it, when Fernando Salas had to be tagged by the clutch home run hit Mike Moustakas in Game 1 and Kevin Jepsen gave up Eric Hosmer's clutch dinger in Game 2.

I may be no baseball player, but it seems pretty damn tough to pitch when the Angels offense has been non-existent - can't Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton, Howie Kendrick, et al string together something of significance? The Royals have a pretty good pitching staff, but I can't imagine them shutting down the Angels hitters, who do seem overmatched at the moment.

I was comparing the teams at the start of the series and I thought having Mike Trout trumps any comparisons that tilts things in the Royals' favor - but is he bound to be another Barry Bonds, despite playing in his first playoff series?

Trout is in a rut and for all the talk about being best player, WAR and all the superlatives piled upon him as a 23-year old - he isn't a baseball immortal yet.